December 17, 2017

Holiday Card Request


It’s an exciting time of year when holiday cards from near and far arrive in the mail. When the holidays are over, instead of recycling please consider sending in your cards to the library (this excludes family photo cards please). Our library council would like to re-purpose the front covers of the cards into bookmarks for next year.

The first book of the week is from the 2018 RI Children’s Book Award nominee list.

The Prizewinners of Piedmont Place, (2016)

words by Bill Doyle and pictures by Colin Jack


Goodreads summary: Modern Family meets Supermarket Sweep in this laugh-out-loud, winner-takes-all adventure for young middle grade readers!

One lucky family is about to win BIG!

The prize? Twenty minutes to grab anything, maybe even everything, from Mr. King Kashman’s world-famous megastore. It’s eleven-year-old Cal’s chance to score the haul of a lifetime! But before he can get to the Final Round, he’ll have to trick—er, that is, convince—his precocious nine-year-old sister, Imo, and mischievous little brother, Bug, to compete in a series of crazy challenges. Cal’s family may be smart and funny, kind and loyal, always brave and they never quit—but do they really have what it takes to be PRIZE WINNERS? There’s only one way to find out…Let the contest begin!

Watch a book trailer for The Prizewinners of Piedmont Place.

This next book is on our HMS Mock Newbery list. I really enjoyed it and think kids will enjoy it too. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see it win a Schneider Family Book Award.

Forget Me Not, (2017)

By Ellie Terry


Goodreads summary: A girl with Tourette syndrome starts a new school and tries to hide her quirks in this debut middle-grade novel in verse.

Calliope June has Tourette syndrome. Sometimes she can’t control the noises that come out of her mouth, or even her body language. When she and her mother move yet again, she tries to hide her TS. But soon the kids in her class realize she’s different. Only her neighbor, who is also the class president, sees her as she truly is—a quirky kid, and a good friend. But is he brave enough to take their friendship public?

As Callie navigates school, she must also face her mother’s new relationship and the fact that she might be moving again—just as she’s starting to make friends and finally accept her differences. This story of being true to yourself will speak to a wide audience.

Watch the Forget Me Not book trailer.

The next featured book is near and dear to our students’ hearts because Matt Tavares visited third graders last spring and gave them a sneak peek. This gorgeous HMS Mock Caldecott nominee is sure to warm your heart and become part of your holiday book collection.

Red and Lulu, (2017)

by Matt Tavares


Goodreads summary: Separation and miles cannot keep a determined cardinal from his loved one in an ode to serendipity and belief that is destined to be a new Christmas classic.
Red and Lulu make their nest in a particularly beautiful evergreen tree. It shades them in the hot months and keeps them cozy in the cold months, and once a year the people who live nearby string lights on their tree and sing a special song: O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree. But one day, something unthinkable happens, and Red and Lulu are separated. It will take a miracle for them to find each another again. Luckily, it’s just the season for miracles. . . . From Matt Tavares comes a heart-tugging story combining the cheer of Christmas, the magic of New York City, and the real meaning of the holiday season: how important it is to be surrounded by love.

Watch the Red and Lulu book trailer.

Fans of Charlotte’s Web will delight in this picture book biography beautifully illustrated by the talented Lauren Castillo.

A Boy, A Mouse and a Spider: The Story of E.B. White, (2017)

words by Barbara Herkert and pictures by Lauren Castillo


Goodreads summary: A lyrical biography of E. B. White, beloved author of Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little, written by Barbara Herkert and illustrated by Caldecott honoree Lauren Castillo.

When young Elwyn White lay in bed as a sickly child, a bold house mouse befriended him. When the time came for kindergarten, an anxious Elwyn longed for the farm, where animal friends awaited him at the end of each day. Propelled by his fascination with the outside world, he began to jot down his reflections in a journal. Writing filled him with joy, and words became his world.

Today, Stuart Little and Charlotte’s Web are beloved classics of children’s literature, and E. B. White is recognized as one of the finest American writers of all time.

A Special Dedication

Kevin Robinson

Our community is mourning the loss of Kevin Robinson, a bright light that was extinguished far too soon. Although K-Rob was famous for his unbelievable work ethic and outstanding accomplishments, he always had a way of reflecting his light onto others to encourage everyone to be their best selves. His genuine love for his family,  career, giving back to others, and life were contagious. When he came to our school for an assembly, his message was so inspiring and motivating that everyone left better for being in his presence.

Kevin Robinson earned a place in the 2018 Guinness World Records Book.

We have Guinness World Records books in our library although you’ll rarely find them on our shelves. They are well-loved, always checked out, and don’t hold up over time. Therefore, we will be purchasing a few 2018 Guinness World Records books. However, one will be dedicated to Kevin Robinson’s memory and will be shelved in the reference section for all to access without fear of wear and tear. As the cover below says, we did meet a real-life superhero. May he rest in peace.

Guinness World Records 2018, (2017)

By Guinness World Records


Watch a Kevin Robinson video tribute.




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