Welcome to Hampden Meadows Library!

Welcome! My name is Melanie Roy, the library teacher at HMS. If you are new to our school this year, you can expect to receive a weekly blog post with 5 book recommendations from me. I try to vary the offerings and include book trailers whenever possible (kids LOVE book trailers).  I will send you posts so that you know about books your child and family may want to read, and give you a heads-up when there are exciting kid lit events your family might enjoy attending.

Want your child to be a lifelong reader? Here are 5 ways to ensure this happens:

  1. Secure a public library card. If I do my job well this year, there will be books your child wants to read and the waiting list through our school library will be long. Your child will get frustrated due to the wait. With your public library card you can reserve the title online and get a notification within days to pick it up. You’ll be your child’s hero. Trust me on this.
  2. Honor your child’s reading identity. Let your child decide what he/she wants to read. Even if it’s not a book you would choose or a genre you would choose, and even if your child reads a book multiple times, let your child decide. Would you want to be told what you have to read? I like this research tidbit by Regie Routman so much that I made it part of my email signature: “Reading comprehension test scores are more influenced by students’ amount of engaged reading than any other single factor.”
  3. Offer audiobooks as an option. Audiobooks are not cheating! Audiobooks are “reading with your ears.” There is a lot of research to support the use of listening to books. You can get free audiobooks through your public library’s  eZone Overdrive platform.
  4. Read aloud to your child. Don’t stop reading aloud just because your child can read him/herself. It’s a powerful connection and a safe way to talk about topics through a character’s experience.
  5. Read books your child is reading. Reading your child’s book choices is another great way to stay connected and have discussions with your child. Mr. Sangiuliano and I offer about four family book clubs per year. They are scheduled before school so that parents can leave for work as students are preparing to start their day. It’s a powerful experience to come together as families and discuss literature.

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Be sure to take a picture of your child holding a book he/she loved reading this summer. Please print it out and send it in for the first week of school. Adults and students will be papering the halls with these pictures to establish we are a reading community and to provide recommendations to others.

I will leave you with one book this week. This is a title on our Mock Caldecott list and a great way to discuss the learning community we hope to achieve this school year.

Super Manny Stands Up! (2017)

words by Kelly DiPucchio and pictures by Stephanie Graegin


Goodreads summary: New York Times bestselling author Kelly DiPucchio and illustrator Stephanie Graegin bring a lionhearted new hero to life in this tender, sparkling story about standing up for what’s right—and finding your inner superpowers.

Every day after school, Manny saves the world from formidable foes.

Zombie bears, evil cloud monsters, and alien robots with laser beam eyes are no match for Super Manny. But when Manny encounters a real-life nemesis in the school cafeteria, will he be able to summon his superhero strength to save the day?

Watch the Super Manny Stands Up! book trailer.