March 12, 2017

This year we have started using a portion of our library budget to order books through Junior Library Guild, a company that reviews over 3,000 titles per year and sends only books they think are pretty amazing. I decided to give it a try because as much as I pride myself on staying abreast of current kid lit, sometimes titles slip past me. It has been fun to see what surprises will come each month. I truly hadn’t heard of three March titles so I’m excited to share them with you this week.

For those of you who have read and enjoyed the Alex Morgan biography, Breakaway: Beyond the Goal (2015),  here is another soccer biography to enjoy.

All Heart: My Hard-Fought Journey to the Top of the Soccer World, (2016)

by Carli Lloyd and Wayne Coffey


Goodreads summary: In the summer of 2015, the U.S. women’s national soccer team won the World Cup behind an epic performance by Carli Lloyd. Carli, a midfielder, scored three goals in the first sixteen minutes–the greatest goal-scoring effort in the history of World Cup finals.

But there was a time when Carli almost quit soccer. She struggled with doubts and low confidence. In All Heart, adapted from When Nobody Was Watching specifically for younger readers, Carli tells the full inspiring story of her journey to the top of the soccer world–an honest, action-packed account that takes readers inside the mind of a hardworking athlete.

Watch a video of Carli Lloyd. 

I’m thinking our Land of Stories fans may enjoy this next series.

Long Live the Queen (Magnificent Tales of Misadventure), (2017)

words by Gerry Swallow and pictures by Valerio Fabbretti


Goodreads summary: For Elspeth Pule, life is dull and lonely in the real world, where she misses her good friends, Humpty Dumpty, Bo Peep, and Rodney, a giant talking wheel of cheese.

So when she gets a surprise visit and a desperate plea for help from Georgie Porgie and Gene the blabbermouth stick, Elspeth agrees immediately. After holding her breath until she is blue in the face, Elspeth opens her eyes and finds herself back in a land where storybook characters are real.

Here she learns that a horrible witch named Mary Mary Quite Contrary has kidnapped King William the Umpteenth’s wife and taken her into a dark forest. To free her, Elspeth and her ragtag crew will have to pay the witch’s ransom . . . or else. Can Elspeth use her bravery, smarts, and just a little bit of ill temper to thwart the evil witch and rescue her friend?

Told with a hilarious irreverent voice, this rambunctious tale is perfect for fans of Lemony Snicket and Pseudonymous Bosch.

This is a picture book about the atomic bomb.

The Secret Project, (2017)

words by Jonah Winter and pictures by Jeanette Winter


Goodreads summary: Mother-son team Jonah and Jeanette Winter bring to life one of the most secretive scientific projects in history—the creation of the atomic bomb—in this powerful and moving picture book.

At a former boy’s school in the remote desert of New Mexico, the world’s greatest scientists have gathered to work on the “Gadget,” an invention so dangerous and classified they cannot even call it by its real name. They work hard, surrounded by top security and sworn to secrecy, until finally they take their creation far out into the desert to test it, and afterward the world will never be the same.

Read a School Library Journal review of The Secret Project.

Here is a brand-new graphic novel we are adding to our collection.

Nightlights, (2017)

by Lorena Alvarez Gomez


Goodreads summary: Every night, tiny stars appear out of the darkness in little Sandy’s bedroom. She catches them and creates wonderful creatures to play with until she falls asleep, and in the morning brings them back to life in the whimsical drawings that cover her room.

One day, Morfie, a mysterious pale girl, appears at school. And she knows all about Sandy’s drawings…Nightlights is a beautiful story about fear, insecurity, and creativity, from the enchanting imagination of Lorena Alvarez.

See more of Columbian artist Lorena Alvarez Gomez’s work here.

Our kids are crazy for Pokemon. Here is the latest Pokemon book we have added to our collection.

The Last Pokemon Master – An Unofficial Pokemon Go Adventure, (2016)

by Carol Christo


Goodreads summary: Life was fun and peaceful for ten-year-old Lucas and his friends, Cora and Samuel. The game-obsessed trio would spend every free second of their time catching Pokémon on their smartphones, trying to get to the next level. But when the digital creatures suddenly escape from their screens and enter the real world, destruction and mayhem follow. Will the three friends be able to defeat the monsters and reclaim their world?

Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm; adults and children alike have been captivated as they battle their way to success. The book will appeal to all children who have been part of the recent Pokémon phenomenon. Lucas’s story of adventure brings this popular trend to life as the reader is taken on a highly entertaining journey as they battle to save the world from these digital pocket monsters.



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